Welcome to Lincoln Standing Bear High School! Home of the Grizzlies!

We are excited and proud to welcome you to the newest high school in LPS. The past year has been filled with planning and preparation, getting ourselves ready to welcome students, parents, staff and community through our doors in August 2023.

Guiding our work thus far has been the following values:

  1. The Power of Place. In learning the story of Chief Standing Bear both in his life in Niobrara, Nebraska and then the forced relocation to Oklahoma and the journey back to Nebraska, the power of place is a central theme in Chief Standing Bear’s life.
  2. The students’ individual experience is at the heart of all we do. Whether it be through academics, athletics or activities and clubs, keeping students at the center of our decisions was foundational and included thoughts around hiring and implementation of processes/structures.
  3. Creating an educational environment centered around collaboration. Through the partnership with UNL’s College of Business, the Ponca Tribe and other local Native Leaders and our facility, cultivating collaboration through shared learning experiences and outcomes will enable our students to have skills that make them ready for life, work and serving their community.
  4. Using the Board Goals around Equity is central to our work. Specifically, this focus has Lincoln Standing Bear High School as the first LPS high school with an advisement period for all students. The advisement period will allow each student to have a meaningful relationship with a trusting adult, and strategically built in time for social and emotional learning; academic planning and advocacy, and time to build community.
    We still have lots to do and we are excited about it and driven by a purpose bigger than us. When we open the doors of Lincoln Standing Bear High School, we want each student to find their space and place; we want parents to know we are partnering with them and we want staff to be able to do what they need to so that they can thrive as well.

Sue Cassata